Hey Shanti! I hope I am not bothering you or weirding you out, I just stumbled on your page and you seem pretty awesome so i thought I would say hey. You're absolutely stunning and the things you like you just seem like an all round really nice and sweet person so how could I not say hello plus your music taste is pretty much the same as mine haha! Hopefully you might want to talk a little more? I am Andrew btw! I hope you're having a great day!:) X

Hi Andrew!
You’re askbox isn’t open, so I can’t answer you privatly. So can you maybe open your askbox (if you want) ?:)

Hi, I want nothing more to be a happy hippy, but I have major depression. Do you have any tips on how to overcome it? <3

Hi darling. :)
I had a depression too, and sometimes I still slip back in to it. This is what I did, and do if I feel I’m slipping back

•Let your creativity flow. In any way, and a lot lot looot.
•Spend time outside, connect with nature. Which also means connecting with yourself.
•Meditate! This helped and helps me a lot. Guided meditation (thehonestguys are my favorite), it helps you to calm down and bring peace in your mind.

Let's not chill in your hippie van, because it doesn't exist.

Oh fuck yes you’re right, I totally forgot hippie vans are a myth holy shit


Kiss the Earth, hug trees, smell flowers, walk barefoot, spend time in the grass. Give the Earth what she deserves.

I looooove your blog. Followed <3 check out mine ? :3

Thankssss. Sure!